serenity experiences

Serenity strongly abide to confidentiality, as a result all the following client testimonials are anonymised. Every client that has shared their experience has done so with full knowledge and consent.

I received 12 counselling sessions from Azemina, I went in with an open mind as I didn’t know what to expect but 12 weeks later feel like a restored and stronger person. Azemina made me feel so welcome in the safe space and anything I said was not judged. I was very sad for our sessions to end as I feel like I was receiving great support and felt listened too. But I am now on my new passage as a stronger person, all thanks to Azemina. I would recommend Azemina as a counsellor as she is very warm, friendly and very approachable.

Female, Anonymous

I worked with Azemina for several months to help me with some relationship issues. It was incredibly useful. Azemina is supportive and caring, and gently helped me find my own way through the turmoil. If you're in any doubt about undertaking therapy, I'd suggest you give it a go. It helped me a lot.

Male, Anonymous

I have had long term counselling with Azemina, I approached her feeling confused, nervous and really struggling with depression. Azemina made me feel safe, her approach is warm and professional. Azemina went at my pace and made me feel understood at a very difficult times, she tailored our sessions to suit me and was always transparent . Azemina helped me understand my depression and helped tackle it by being proactive, she has helped me change my life. I could have continued counselling with Azemina but she encouraged me to trust myself and prepared me to cope alone and trust myself. This experience has truly been life changing.


I approached Azemina feeling extremely nervous about therapy. Azemina was clear and professional from the get go, this reassured me. Azemina was open and welcoming, she has an effortless ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space. I shared things about my life which I thought I never could. After 8 sessions, I’m leaving with an understanding of myself, my attachments, my relationships and most importantly accepted areas of my life and self that have freed me. I feel passionate about sharing my experience with counselling now. I feel empowered and extremely supported throughout my sessions, especially those that were emotionally challenging.

JH, Male, 28 years old

I was hesitant to have counselling sessions before because of the so called "stigma". I was extremely nervous and have low confidence due to pressures of life and work that I felt I was losing control. However, I was grateful to meet Azemina and had several sessions with her. She is non-judgemental and professional. She has different approaches catered to what I needed to recover. Azemina helped me understand and manage my anxiety. I highly recommend her as she is heaven sent for me.

Anonymous, female

I had the pleasure to work with Azemina for almost 3 months and I was really impressed by the empathy created between us. This helped me a lot in order to trust a "stranger" and be open about my issues and areas of my life i was never able to face. I found a person that listened to me and very professional. For that reason I would recommend Azemina to anyone.

Anonymous, Male